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VARIAN® from CultureIN an Eco- responsible Material

A new surprising material, made of linen and PLA resin (plastic of vegetable origin), Varian® is emerging as the material of the living space of tomorrow. Aesthetic, eco-responsible and respectful of health, it is intended for the furniture and fittings markets for housing and transport.


Varian® was born in 2015 after 3 years of research and development. Halfway between composite materials and textiles, Varian® is a functional, decorative and renewable material. In addition, it is bio-sourced and recyclable or industrially compostable. Its inventor, David, supplier of materials labeled Hopfab, developed it by seeking to improve our excessively polluted living spaces. Thus, his approach focused on the well-being of users as well as on sensoriality, respect for health and that of the environment.


its bio-sourced composition

Composed of flax yarn and bio-sourced PLA fibers without petroleum (Responsible Care Label), Varian® is an eco-designed material. Its plant-based components do not require irrigation. It does not emit VOCs, its carbon impact is very low. It is non-allergenic and non-irritant.

Its personalization potential

Varian® is produced in six standard colors: red, blue, pearly white, gray, beige and taupe. It is also possible to choose any color from the Pantone colors.

Its life cycle

Industrialists and designers appreciate this flexible and rigid material, light, and fully recyclable, transformable and compostable at the end of its life. Its little extra: the assembly is done without glue. Thus, in case of deterioration, only the worn parts will need to be changed.

The Varian® adapts to any type of space and project. For decorative use it is left as is. An acoustic function will involve the insertion of noise absorbing foam. The insertion of LEDs and a diffuser will make it a luminaire.

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