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We  just love them all!


 Relocatable Partition system 

Cerenn combine the skill needed for each project and the power of their production tools.By combining their expertise in finishing and manufacturing, Cerenn create new possibilities in the world of Relocatable partitions Partition System . Cerenn large collections and  solutions bring for each environment  an adapted and personalized answer.


line system.PNG

Glass partition system 

Line Systems was born in 2012, after gathering a team that, altogether, gathered a set of important experiences in office glass partitions projects worldwide. Since then their vision has been to become a Global Office Partitions Brand, with an active role in shaping the Future Workplace, recognized for its products´ design and innovation and for its agility

ECO Acoustic Baffle & Screen Panel

culture IN.PNG

Culture iN designs and manufactures Varian®, an innovative eco-design material composed of linen and vegetable resin. Between texture and structure, this pre-impregnated fabric combines technicality and aesthetics for the layout and layout of healthy and elegant interior living spaces: space dividers, wall coverings, acoustic ceilings, dressing room, furniture, lighting, objects , etc. Culture iN approach is centered on the user in search of well-being (sensoriality, respect for health and the environment).

Operable Wall


Creating space within space

PCTS is a company formed by engineers and has precision in its DNA

Quick, easy & safe to maneuver by anyone

Our walls are designed with the customer in mind – precision made components ensure that panels glide effortlessly and quietly along aluminium guides so that space can be configured quickly, easily and safely by anyone.


Barrisol® world leader of stretched ceiling, since 50 years

During these 50 last years, Barrisol developed many systems of stretch ceilings to create a real universe : the BARRISOL UNIVERSE.

Discover a complete line of more than 20 Barrisol products. The Barrisol stretch ceilings are functional, design and innovative solutions to embellish and decorate all types of public and residential spaces. 

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