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Pandemic will boost Fitting Out As a Service : FOAS

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Circular impact and Ark international two Start up born during the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic believe that “Fitting out-as-a-service” FOAS business model taps into a trend that will continue long after work from home orders end.

Circular Impact was founded by Paul LEVY after he had experienced the hassle of buying, and then getting rid of partitions and most fitting out products when a tenant moved in a new premises . Laurent Serbanne ,Ark international MD and international real estate expert knows how much leasing contracts carry in theirs terms ,with the so call " Make good "clause, the cycle of office refurbishment destruction .They bet that millennials real estate portfolio managers, and to an even greater extent Gen Z users , would rather pay a monthly fee for nicer products that they can return or swap out every time they move, both for the convenience and the environmental impact.

A key part of Circular Impact marketing message is that by using transformable products it saves tons of construction material from ending up in landfills.

Leasing Processes

The conventional approach for end of leases is that tenants ‘make good’, however it

appears to be a trend to Reuse rather than dispose and certain tenants will rather accommodate with what is already built by the former tenants if they get the ability to transform the layout in a short time and put their own touch to the color scheme. This creates better opportunities for incoming tenants to use the existing fitting out, or minimise changes, rather than installing something totally new. As a consequence, by avoiding the make good showroom-refit cycle, two or three rounds of materials changes are avoided each time a space is turned over.

Laurent and Paul are creating ; Modul'O ,a new range of fitting out products easy to transform and to reuse, they are working closely with landlords, investors and manufacturers to develop "the fitting out as a service". Stay tuned the "Workplace is on the Move " !

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