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Office Pods, how to prevent high level of VOC emissions

At the end of last year WeWork announced the remove of 2,300 office pods from its rental offices in the United States and Canada due to health concerns related to elevated levels of formaldehyde and potentially other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This decision came after the company received occupant complaints of eye irritation.Designed and brought to market with great speed, office pods present some unique risks during usage. Fire hazards, high levels of VOC emissions that could prove harmful to human health, and structural issues like stability are just a few of the safety issues associated with office pods. Incidents can be extremely costly in the U.S., where litigation is common and brand damage can harm companies.

But there’s good news: at Circular Impact  rather than risking problems in market, we select our manufacturers partners , to make sure that they can proactively demonstrate the safety and suitability of their products prior to releasing them to market. Some testing plans to consider are:

  • Test office pods for VOC and particle emissions. This testing can reveal potential problems like elevated levels of potentially harmful VOCs coming from products so that manufacturers can address issues early rather than dealing with customer complaints, recalls or lawsuits.

  • Achieve GREENGUARD Certification for office pods, which demonstrates that they emit low levels of chemicals that are known to cause health issues.

UL features story is detailing test that can be perform in the US

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